Playing the guitar and singing is very enjoyable once you have reached a level of strumming and making chords in a comfortable way. This takes most people a good amount of practice, but it is very rewarding and personally fulfilling. Taking lessons from a skilled experienced musician is one option. My own experience was from when I was a teenager about 18, my mother showed me a few chords on an acoustic guitar and then I bought books with songs and chord frames that showed how to make basic chords like c, d, and g. I kept practicing these chords over and over until I could change from one to another easily and fast.

Next I started practicing singing

Next I started practicing singing, more than just singing along with the radio or in the shower, I practiced singing a song until I could sing it on pitch without screeching or cracking. At first, I didn’t sound great, but after singing and playing over again, I started sounding a lot better.

Begin singing and playing with others

After some time of learning to make chords on the guitar, I got together with my uncle at the church we went to.

He was a musician, a very good guitar player, I started singing with him and my cousin who is also a musician.

I played along and sang bass, practicing with them for a few years. We had a gospel group and we sang at other churches from time to time. I also played and sang solo, in front of the church and for friends.

A lifestyle that included singing and playing music.

Through the years, I have had many great experiences playing and singing in Churches and with friends and family. I have been a music director in several churches leading the choirs and directing musicians. The last church I was at I served for more than 10 years. I have been blessed with many great memories and have helped many enjoy and experience music and served God as well.

Music is a gift from God given to us to use and enjoy in many ways, if anyone has a passion for it they should pursue it with all their strength. While playing and singing with a guitar or keyboard may not be for everyone, the rewards are great if time and effort are put into it. Practice is the key, even if one doesn’t have much talent practice can make them very good.

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